National Workshop on enhancing Indian Participation in Telecom Global Standards Bodies

 07 July 2023, C-DOT Delhi
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In present scenario, Contribution to the Global standards participation have become deeply strategic and important to catalyze technology development and manufacturing and position India as a leader in the international arena. Participation in global standard setting organizations is essential to ensure consideration for local needs of the Indian communications industry.

The standardization activities for the Telecom / ICT products are being taken up at various international bodies viz. ITU, 3GPP, ISO, IEC, IEEE, OneM2M, etc. With active participation and contribution in the standardization processes, India can influence the development of global telecommunications standards aligning them with the evolving needs and requirements of the country. It would also promote Indian industries/start-ups in the Global value chain.

With a vision to increase the Indian participation in global standardization activities, Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), Department of Telecommunications in collaboration with Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) and Telecommunications Standards Development Society India (TSDSI) is conducting a one-day “National Workshop on enhancing Indian Participation in Telecom Global Standards Bodies” ” The workshop is likely to be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics & IT, Government of India in august presence of Hon’ble Minister of State for communications and Secretary (Telecom). The aim of this workshop is to understand the telecommunication standardization process and to increase participations & contributions from India in International standardization Bodies. The workshop intends to make the concerned stakeholders aware about the structure and role of various working groups constituted in India corresponding to International standardization organizations like ITU-T/ITU-R/ITU-D, 3GPP, IEEE etc. The workshop also puts its focus on significance of standardization in the promotion of industries/start-ups. focus on significance of standardization in the promotion of industries/start-ups.

Distinguished experts from academia, industry, and government organizations will deliver talks in four sessions as outlined below:

• Session – I : Step by Step process of Standards Making
• Session – II : How to convert a patent into an SEP
• Session – III : How Academic Institutions can help build a Standards Community
• Session – IV : Concluding Panel Discussion – The way forward

The Standard Coordination Portal (SCP) developed by TEC/DoT would also be launched followed by felicitation of contributors of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) from India in Global Standards.

The targeted audience for this workshop will be from Industries, academia, R&D, Start-ups, Patent holders and Government organisations.

C-DOT Campus, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030

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Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw

Hon’ble Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics & IT

Shri Devusinh Chauhan

Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications

Shri K Rajaraman

Secretary (Telecom), Department of Telecommunications

Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay


Shri Uma Shankar Pandey

Member(S), DoT

Sh. N.G Subramaniam

Chair, TSDSI

Sh. R.R. Mittar

Advisor & Head, TEC

Sh. Srikanth Chandrasekaran


Shri. A K Mittal

Advisor, TSDSI

Dr. Sendil Kumar


Shri Aurindam Bhattacharya

Group Leader, C-DOT

Prof. Bhaskar Ramamorthi

IIT Madras

Prof. Kiran Kuchi

IIT Hyderabad

Shri Vishnu Ram


Shri Gaurav Khandelwal

Intricate Research

Shri. Avinash Agarwal


Prof. Abhay Karandikar

IIT Kanpur

Prof. Krishna Sirohi

IIT Delhi

Prof. Manoj Choudhary

VC, Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya

Dr. Akhil Gupta

Lovely Professional University

Sh. Sharad Arora

Mashmari EdTech

Ms. Shubha N Bhambhani


Dr. Pankaj Kumar Dalela

Director, C-DOT Board

Shri. A K Mittal

Advisor, TSDSI

Shri. Avinash Agarwal


Shri. Harsh Sharma

Director, TEC

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