C-DOT Foundation Day

 G. B. Meemamsi Lecture Series
 26-27 August, C-DOT Delhi, India

 A conference on

 The Future of Telecom Technologies and oneM2M - The Global Standards for IoT/M2M

C-DOT, founded on 24th of August, 1984 by the Govt. of India as India’s telecom technology development centre, did pioneering work in bringing about a telecom revolution in the country and is well known for its great contributions to telecommunications in India especially rural telephony. The latest being the BharatNet, the ambitious National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) project, which relies heavily on broadband technologies developed by C-DOT. But C-DOT is not limited to only rural telecom solutions. NGN, Terabit Routers, XGSPON, DWDM, Wi-Fi are a few of the myriad of products which are testimony to this fact. From being a purely Telecom Switching and Transmission Hardware and Software Development Centre, C-DOT had diversified into development of value-added telecom software and brought out many products like NMS(Network Management System) and C-DOT’s messaging platform - Samvad to name a few. Venturing into IoT/M2M Domain, C-DOT has also developed oneM2M Standards based Common Services Platform-CCSP for IOT which is of tremendous value to the entire IoT ecosystem, including the Smart City Applications and Industrial IoT Applications.

The IoT ecosystem comprising of a network of wireless sensors, a reliable public communication infrastructure and innovative applications working on big data and analytics will help the homes, enterprises/industry, Government and especially the smart cities immensely. Innovative local solutions will have to be found for local problems and it would offer great opportunities to industry, including MSMEs and startups. It is therefore necessary to adopt standards in the IoT/M2M ecosystem. Adoption of standards will ensure that solution developers do not reinvent the wheel but devote their energies to the actual building of product and on innovations. Further, the interoperability of devices, applications and semantics will be another dividend of a standards-based approach.

It is with the intent of creating the standards for IoT/M2M, oneM2M, a Global Partnership Project, was formed in July 2012 which consists of eight of the world’s preeminent standards development organizations (SDOs), notably: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (United States), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (USA), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea) and TTC (Japan) together with six industry fora, consortia or standards bodies (Broadband Forum, CEN, CENELEC, GlobalPlatform, Next Generation M2M Consortium, OMA).oneM2M began some of the earliest work on standardization of a common platform for internet of things (IoT) systems. In 2018, oneM2M reported its cooperative efforts with the ITU to bridge standardization gaps by transposing the oneM2M standard to an ITU standard.

It has been a tradition in C-DOT to celebrate its foundation day by inviting eminent Professors and Technology Leaders of International Repute to deliver their lectures on the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of telecommunications. This year it was felt germane to organize a two-day conference on “oneM2M – The Global Standards for IoT/M2M” along with these lectures.

In view of the above a two-day conference on “The Future of Telecom Technologies and oneM2M- The Global Standards for IoT/M2M”, is being organized at C-DOT Campus in New Delhi on the 26th and 27th of August 2019.

This event is being organised by C-DOT and ETSI under the aegis of EU funded project India-EU Cooperation on ICT- Related Standardization, Policy and Legislation, in association with TSDSI.

We, at C-DOT and India - EU Collaboration project are very pleased to invite you to our joint conference. The conference, besides providing an insight into the cutting-edge telecom technologies, also aims to provide a platform where foreign and Indian experts from IOT and M2M forums, academia, R&D, industry and senior officials from Ministries of Communications, Urban Development and Electronics and Information Technology and cities named in Indian Smart Cities Project can interact to share knowledge and experiences. It is also planned to enrich the interaction by inviting City authorities from Europe and South Korea who have actually implemented smart city projects in their respective cities.

We believe that the conference will be highly beneficial to the decision makers and senior officers of the ministries, industries, Service Providers and also the cities associated with the smart cities projects of India. It will be a great opportunity for industry, including MSMEs, innovators, entrepreneurs and startups. Also, academia will actively participate to bring the right expertise and knowledge to the table.

  • 09:30-09:35 : Welcome of the Dignitaries by EDR, C-DOT - Shri Vipin Tyagi
  • 09:35-09:45 : Welcome Address and Introduction of the Program by EDR, C-DOT - Shri Vipin Tyagi
  • 09:45-09:51 : Address by DG, ETSI - Mr. Luis Jorge Romero
  • 09:51-09:57 : Address by Member(F), DoT - Shri Prahlad Kumar Sinha
  • 09:57-10:03 : Address by Director General Telecom, DoT - Shri Subodh Kumar Gupta
  • 09:57-10:03 : Address by Member(S), DoT - Shri Debatosh Manna
  • 09:57-10:03 : Address by Member(T), DoT - Shri Shiwa Shankar Singh
  • 10:15-10:25 : Address by Charge d'affaires, EU Delegation to India - H.E. Raimund Magis
  • 10:30-10:45 : Welcome of Shri Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre, Hon'ble MoS(Communications, Electronics & IT and HRD)
  • 10:45-10:55 : Inauguration of the Exhibition - Shri Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre, Hon'ble MoS(Communication, Electronics & IT and HRD)
  • 10:55-11:00 : Welcome of the MoS by EDR, C-DOT and Lamp Lighting - Shri Vipin Tyagi, EDR, C-DOT
  • 11:00-11:15 : C-DOT Product Launch (XGS-PON, C-Sat Fi & CiSTB) - Shri Vipin Tyagi, EDR, C-DOT
  • 11:15-11:18 : Exchange of MoU on LiFi with Edinburgh University - Mr. Luis Jorge Romero, DG, ETSI
  • 11:18-11:28 : Address by Hon'ble Minister of State (Comm.,EL&IT and HRD) - Shri Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre
  • 11:28-11:30 : Vote of Thanks - Shri Praveen Mathur, Director, C-DOT
  • 20 Min : Standardisdation - to power our digital economies (keynote) - Mr Paul Timmers
  • 15 Min : Standards: An Indian Perspective - Ms Pamela Kumar, DG, TSDSI
  • 20 Min : oneM2M Partnership Project Global Community for a Standardized IoT Framework - Mr Roland Hechwartner, Chair Technical Plenary
  • 20 Min : Standardisation of IoT Ecosystem and oneM2M - Dr Shane He, ITU-T
  • 15 Min : Why oneM2M is essential for India - Mr Aurindam Bhattacharya, C-DOT
  • 15 Min : IoT/M2M standardization work carried out in TEC - Shri Sushil Kumar DDG(IoT), TEC
  • 10 Min : Keynote Address by Session Chair - Mr. Luis Romero, DG, ETSI
  • 20 Min : oneM2M is an ecosystem (Standards, Conformance testing & certif. and Device Management) - Mr Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia
  • 20 Min : oneM2M: a path to growth for Small-Medium Enterprises - Mr Massimo Vanetti, SBS
  • 20 Min : oneM2M and 3GPP Interworking - Mr Dale Seed, Interdigital
  • 5 Min : Q & A
  • 05 Min : Introduction to the Subject Matter - Sandeep Agrawal, C-DOT
  • 60 Min : Technical Session (Li-Fi ) - Prof Herald Haas, Edinburgh University
  • 05 Min : Q & A
  • 05 Min : Vote of Thanks - Shri Soundara Kumar, Director, C-DOT
  • 05 Min : Introduction to the Subject matter - Mr Jayanta Mondal, C-DOT
  • 60 Min : Technical Lecture on Wi-Fi 6 and Beyond - Ms Dorothy Stanley
  • 05 Min : Q&A
  • 05 Min : Vote of thanks - Shri Jayant Bhatnagar, Director, C-DOT
  • 15 Min : Keynote - Mr Rahul Kapoor
  • 20 Min : Metropole Bordeaux and Eurocities (synchronicity - Bordeaux onem2m and NGSI-LD) - Mr. Christophe Colinet, Mr Thierry Monteil(For Q&A)
  • 15 Min : Standardisation in Smart City Global Perspective - Shri V. Raghunandan DDG-IR. DoT
  • 20 Min : Busan, Korea - Mr SeungMyeon Jeong – KETI
  • 20 Min : Europe Deployment: oneTRANSPORT - Mr Nigel Upton / Dale Seed
  • 20 Min : Hyderabad Smart City Initiative (IIIT Hyderabad and Govt Official, Hyd) - Prof. Ramesh Loganathan (IIIT, Hyderabad)
  • 10 Min : Q&A session, Moderated by Session Chair
  • 15 Min : Opening Address by the Session Chair - Shri Vipin Tyagi
  • 15 Min : Security Concerns in IoT solutions, the case of India - Shri Narendra Nath
  • 30 Min : oneM2M security Solutions and services - Mr Thierry Monteil, CNRS
  • 15 Min : IoT Security Work Carried out in TEC - Shri S.K.Sharma, DDG, TEC
  • 30 Min : IoT Security: A Comparative Analysis - Mr Sachin Gaur, Mixorg
  • 15 Min : Q/A Session, Moderated by chair
  • 10 Min : Intro by panel chair
  • 50 Min : Panelists
    • Address by Ms Margot Dor(Session Chair)
    • Mr Christophe. Colinet (Eurocities)
    • Mr Benoygopal, C-DAC ( Smart Traffic Lights)
    • Mr. Sharad Arora-Sensorise (Transport)
    • Mr. Sriganesh Rao- Calligo Tech (Health)
    • Mr. Prasad, Pyrox (Fire monitoring)
  • 15 Min : Discussion w.r.t questions from the Audience

Registration is now open for the Foundation Day & Conference, which will take place in C-DOT Delhi, India, on 25th - 26th August 2019. We have limited seats which are available on first come first serve basis. Register Here

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

Hon'ble Cabinet Minister (Communications, Electronics and Information Technology and Law and Justice), Govt of India

Shri Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre

Hon'ble Minister of State (Communications, Electronics and Information Technology and HRD), Govt of India

Shri Anshu Prakash

Secretary(DoT) and Chairman, Digital Communications Commission

H.E. Raimund Magis

Ambassador, EU

Mr. Luis Jorge Romero

Director-General, ETSI

Mr. Vipin Tyagi

Executive Director, C-DOT

Mr. Paul Timmers

Senior Advisor, European Policy Centre

Ms. Pamela Kumar

Director General, TSDSI

Mr. Roland Hechwartner

Chairman, oneM2M Technical Plenary

Dr. Shane HE

Standardization Professional Specialist Nokia (Bell Labs & CTO)

Mr. Aurindam Bhattacharya

Group Lead, C-DOT

Mr. Sushil Kumar

Deputy Director General (IOT), TEC

Mr. Enrico Scarrone

TIM, Chairman - Steering Committee of oneM2M (representing ETSI), Chairman - ETSI TC smartM2M

Mr. Massimo Vanetti

Senior Consultant Supporting Companies in Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT

Mr. Dale Seed

Principal Engineer, InterDigital

Professor Harald Haas

University of Edinburgh

Ms. Dorothy Stanley

IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair

Mr. Kunal Kumar

Joint Secretary and Mission Director (Smart Cities), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India

Mr. Christophe Colinet

Smart City Project Manager, Bordeaux Metropole

Mr. Thierry Monteil

Professor in Computer Science, INSA - University of Toulouseand Researcher, LAAS - CNRS

Mr. V. Raghunandan

Deputy Director General (IR), DoT

Mr. Seung Myeong Jeong

Senior Researcher, Smart City PL, Autonomous IoT Research Center, Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

Mr. Nigel Upton

Professor Ramesh Loganathan

IIIT Hyderabad

Mr. Narendra Nath

Joint Secretary, National Security Council Secretariat

Mr. Shailendra Kumar Sharma

Deputy Director General, TEC

Mr. Sachin Gaur

Local coordinator, India EU ICT Standards Collaboration Project

Ms. Margot Dor

Director Strategy Development, ETSI

Mr. Benoygopal

Associate Director, C-DAC

Mr. Sharad Arora

Founder & Managing Director, Sensorise Digital Services

Mr. Sriganesh Rao

Managing Director, Calligo Technologies

Mr. Prasad Parasuraman

CEO, Pyrox I City Pvt Ltd