Transfer of Technology

The Transfer of Technology (ToT) philosophy of C-DOT aims at a high rate of success in the technology dissemination process. It aims at educating the recipients of various technologies not only on the infrastructural requirements and requisite know-how for production, but also at providing the licensed manufacturers with vital details about sources and specifications for the capital equipment and components.

The TOT Process

C-DOT provides extensive assistance in the form of documentation, training, prototype development and followup services as part of its ToT package. The ToT process can assume two distinct forms depending upon the mode of ToT agreed upon.

Direct TOT

Subsequent to the signing of the agreement, C-DOT provides first level of training, following which the recipients set up their manufacturing infrastructure. Based on the technical assistance available from C-DOT, the recipients fabricate the production model and offer it to C-DOT for quality evaluation. After successful evaluation of the model, C-DOT recommends the manufacture’s infrastructure and the production model of the Quality Assurance testing wing of the customer for evaluation. The manufacturer, on acceptance, gets the type approval for bulk production.

Turnkey Projects

C-DOT also has the capability to setup manufacturing facilities for its products on a turnkey basis. This approach expedites the setting up of manufacturing infrastructure and of bulk production by the manufacturer. After the setting up of the requisite infrastructure, the production model is offered by C-DOT for acceptance on behalf of the manufacturer. Once this is successfully achieved, C-DOT gradually withdraws its support and the manufacturer takes independent control of the operations.

The ToT Package

The technology transfer package consists of Design Documentation, Engineering Inputs, Testing & Validation Documents, Manufacturing Documents and User Documentation. Besides, C-DOT also provides training and technical assistance. Recipients of the technology overseas have the option to commence production with integration and testing of the finished systems, Semi Knocked Down (SKD) assembly or Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits.







 TOT Partners


C-DOT's greatest asset is the extensive knowledge base that it has acquired during the course of developing cost effective communication technologies. This results in saving on Capital expenditure and also on service satisfaction for our customers.

Our knowledge of market dynamics combined with creativity and rigor, and our renowned objectivity enable us to consistently exceed the high levels of quality and innovation which our clients expect. To learn more about C-DOTs bundle of consultancy services.


C-DOT provides adequate hardware and software training to the engineers of the recipient for understanding, manufacturing, testing, installing and maintaining its products. The training, essentially, comprises classroom lectures with hands-on training given in phases, for easy absorption of the product and manufacturing technology.

Technical assistance from C-DOT experts, including usage of C-DOT production facility, is made available during establishment of production infrastructure, prototype fabrication, testing, fabrication of testers, system integration and validation phases.

 Field Support

Switching Technologies

  • C-DOT maintains three control rooms at New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata to provide online telephonic assistance for its products in the field. Queries on installation, operation and maintenance of C-DOT exchanges are handled. On site help is also provided for site planning, problem solving, new installations and hardware/software upgrades.
  • C-DOT maintains a helpline site which provides a lot of information for field units regarding problems / solutions, documents, application notes, Engineering Change Notes (ECN) and other technical information.
  • C-DOT maintains a repair centre at Bangalore for repairing the cards of C-DOT exchanges in Indian telecom network. This repair centre is primarily for such sites as require immediate repair of the cards. In addition, C-DOT has assisted Department of Telecom in the establishing of more than forty two repair centres.
  • C-DOT also conducts intensive operation and maintenance oriented training courses for field personnel of the customer. Theoretical as well as hands on training is provided. These training course are tailored to suit field requirements. C-DOT also conducts workshops for various Telecom circles whenever any new software features/or hardware upgrades are introduced. The objective is to educate the user about the new features. C-DOT also extends faculty support for lectures to the customers.

Optical Technologies

  • C-DOT extends Technical support for its optical products commissioned in various networks. We have two main support centers one at Delhi and other at Kolkata Office.
  • Support center Numbers: Delhi office 011-26598858 and Kolkata office 033-25210674.
  • NOFN network is being supported for all technical issues through ‘Help Desk’ portal provided in NOFN NMS with different level escalations based on resolution timelines defined.
  • C-DOT also conducts workshops and trainings for operation and maintenance courses for field personnel as per the requirements. We extend hands on training in our lab at Delhi center with live traffic working. These training course are tailored to suit field requirements for ease of operations and smooth maintenance of equipment in field.