Work Culture

C-DOT was established with a managerial model to strive for higher productivity, efficiency and better quality of life especially for people working in the Indian environment. C-DOT has a strong and active workforce of about 1000 professionals. HRD right from its conception acted as a catalyst towards greater synergetic effect so that personnel with individual brilliance and limitations could team up to complement each other for best results. The focus of HRD at C-DOT has been to create a work environment and culture conducive to the achievement of excellence based on commitment to people & professionalism.

The primary emphasis of the Human Resource Management philosophy is on developing people and their competencies through a learning environment. The activities and practices at C-DOT have been designed and implemented to inculcate pride and satisfaction, drive for best contribution, improve personal effectiveness, improve the quality of work life, prepare staff members for change, career development, build people - build professionals.

In C-DOT the various HR policies & procedures are based upon the principles of Trust, Care & Empowerment. A high degree of trust & faith in staff members is reflected from flexibility in operations, flexible working hours and the fact that a lot of reimbursement of expenditure is based on self-declaration.

C-DOT’s principle of employee empowerment is reflected in employee involvement in various planning, review & monitoring committees; an open and transparent system where most decisions (e.g., Promotions, Awards) are made by the cross-functional teams; financial and administrative powers are delegated and are at the operations level.

C-DOT has a flat organizational structure & egalitarian work culture which promotes professionalism, openness, respect for individual and fosters creativity, innovativeness, challenge, competitiveness, people orientation & self-development. Various systems, policies, business plans, and product plans are well documented and are accessible on LAN.

10 Corner Stones of C-DOT Culture

  • Egalitarian : Respect of performance of everyone and not differentiating people based on hierarchy or social order.
  • Courageous Innovation : Breaking boundaries, challenging status quo, encouraging IPR creation and State of the art implementation.
  • Respect and demand performance : The constant improvement in efficiency
  • Passion for achieving Goals : Exhibiting inspirational behaviour, 'walk the talk' with never say die attitude, till achieving the extraordinary goals by taking ownership.
  • Openness and Participation : Ready to be questioned and tolerating constructive dissent, participation through humble, assertive and constructive role.
  • Integrity, Transparency and Ethics : Making environment of trust and commitment, using resources with sense of responsibility, exhibiting high standards of ethical behavior.
  • Customer focus and generating 'win-win' : Enabling individuals & team to go that extra mile for making customer and users to experience delight, comfort and trust.
  • Non-Bureaucratic : Driven by outcome and not rules and justification, driving change and improvement in line with organisations objective and goals.
  • Learning and Contribution : Constant endeavor to learn and train to become 'thought leader' through publishing & contributing to society.
  • Quality in everything : Continuous process improvement, pro-active approach for getting things done 'right the first time', evolving and adopting best practices and global benchmark.

 Employee Development

C-DOT provides several opportunities for learning for employees through ways like regular encouragement to perform multi-functional responsibilities, exposure to state-of-the-art technologies, tools & instruments and also several opportunities to participate in International Exhibitions and Seminars. C-DOT is a member of various international bodies like International Telecommunication Union, ATM Forum, Object Management Group, Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium (TINA-C), Frame Relay Forum. Besides this C-DOT also encourages (& Sponsors) the employees to take individual memberships of national & international professional bodies. Access to latest scientific and technical information is a crucial instrument for any R&D activity. Hence, C-DOT has excellent library facilities at the Campus. The library comprises of over 30,000 books, 300 periodicals and magazines, 20 leading newspapers, newsletters and conference proceedings. The Library in C-DOT also has facilities like - CD-ROM databases, CD- NET systems, video/ audio tapes, microfiches/films, cartridges, etc. A user can access the library information system from his desk itself.

Opportunities for Education & Training : No budgetary restrictions for training sponsorships; regular in-House training programmes, education & training programmes in areas of future technologies, skills & competencies; permissions & sponsorships to do part-time courses like M.Tech, PhD; in-house Post Graduate Diploma on Technology Management (equivalent to MBA) are some of the ways by which employees are provided with the opportunities for education & training.

Besides a conducive work environment, C-DOT provides Avenues & Opportunities for Career Growth. C-DOT provides a career path for professionals which allows them to take on managerial roles or become experts in their respective areas. The pay scale promotions & Responsibility promotions are delinked in C-DOT. This will enable employees to take higher responsibilities even when they are joining at a lower pay scale (or vice versa).

Employee Perks & Benefits

  • Lease Accommodation facility in lieu of House Rent allowance
  • Conveyance: Subsidized transport facility for pick-up & drop. In case of staff intending to use their own vehicle (car or scooter), monthly petrol reimbursement & vehicle maintenance allowance is provided, within the prescribed entitlements
  • Children Education allowance
  • Reimbursement of monthly newspaper expenditure
  • Telephone & Internet connection expenditure reimbursed on functional basis
  • Leave Travel Concession
  • Reimbursement of Professional Body Membership, both national and international
  • Reimbursement facility towards Purchase of professional books and journals

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