Collaborative Development of Cyber­-Security Solutions for India

At the behest of the DoT, C-DOT is establishing a Cyber-Security alliance, marking its third initiative following the 5G Alliance and Quantum Alliance. The Cyber-Security alliance is dedicated to fostering capacity building, identifying gap areas, suggesting critical implementation requirements, generating innovative product concepts and facilitating collaborations in this vast field. Joining this alliance presents an exceptional opportunity to showcase your organisations expertise in cyber security, raising awareness not only within government spheres but also beyond. Indian organizations and companies keen on becoming part of the Cyber-Security alliance can indicate their interest by completing a concise form on the C-DOT website. Subsequently, upon receiving responses from interested parties, C-DOT may proceed to gather additional information and/or arrange discussions including potential round-table meetings, seminars, workshops to delve into the areas of strengths and relevant cyber security products of the organizations and companies that sign up for the Cyber Security Alliance.